EDILCASS 'SOLE'- an invisible box for any kind of external venetian blind or sun lover. 'SOLE' invisible box can be found in various dimensions.

General Details

EDILCASS ‘SOLE’ Invisible Box for external venetian blinds is a prefabricated roller blind box which can be fast and easy assembled without any disruption in building works. Its unique system suited for all kinds of masonry allows flexibility in planning. It can be built-in to different needs and any kinds of doors and windows.

Roller blind boxes offer excellent and reliable performances as well as heat insulation and sound-proofing. High polystyrene density and a steel wire cage supporting offers high stability. Roller blind boxes can save you money by eliminating several phases around the window opening.

The box is constructed without the use of any chlorofluorocarbons, which makes it nature-friendly.

Technical Info


SOLE can be found in dimensions such as SOLE 22/30 219L X 300H, SOLE 22/35 219H X 350, SOLE 22/40 219 X 400


EDILCASS ‘SOLE’ boxes for roller blinds are made of high density (30/35 kg/cubic meter), polystyrene foam, with a galvanized 4mm steel wire cage with 250mm pitch. The following 3 elements are molded together during polystyrene mixture offering them a solid and stable structure but light and easy-to-use at the same time. The top of the box is shaped with channels, to guarantee perfect adhesion to any kinds of plaster. The bottom edges have strengthened aluminium sections. Sides are covered with mortar or wooden fibers or brick so as to improve the adherence of plaster or other finish.



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