MICOMDOOR ideal for shops, department stores, office buildings, homes, etc.

General Details

MICOMDOOR offers MI 50/ 100N operator which has been developed for heavy duty use over many years.

The brushless DC Motor speeds up to 750 mm/s with smoothly and with minimal noise, thanks to the implementation of a microprocessor which is capable of doing 30 MIPs and 16bits.

Technical Info
Power supply AC100-240V 50, 60Hz 2A
Opening speed 70~750 mm/s (adjustable)
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Gear Box Warm Screw
Control system Microprocessor control
Brake Automatic
Door opening timer 0 – 60 sg. (adjustable)
Elimination of door to frame gap Electric pressure. Pressing force 80N (8Kgs) 5 Steps (adjustable)
Safety When opening if the door encounters an obstacle, it stops and sounds an alarm. And it re-opens at high speed
Failure detection Alarm on failure detection (acoustic & on display)
Reduced opening 10 steps from 5 to 90%
Emergency door opening/closing Battery (optional)
Locking Electromagnetic Lock (optional)
Operating environment Ambient temperature: -20°C a + 50°C (no consideration of icing). Ambient humidity: 30%-85% (no hazardous materials must be present in the atmosphere).
  • Control box
  • Stopper
  • Timing pulley
  • Hanger roller bracket
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Tooth belt
  • Emergency battery
  • Base rail
  • Gear motor

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