NICE ROBUS 400/600/1000

High-speed sliding gate automation system weighting up to 400kg, up to 600kg, and up to 1000kg. Ideal for residential and industrial use.

General Details

NICE ROBUS 400/600/1000 simplifies your life with just one click. Open and close your gate with no effort, all it takes is a click.


  • Obstacle detection system
  • Add value to your property
  • Make property more secure
  • Silent (gear motor on bearings)
  • Self-diagnosis (by means of a flashing light)
  • Automatic programming of the working times
  • Temperature sensor (adapt the motor power to the climatic conditions)
Technical Info

Choose automation for your sliding gate depending on the weight of your gate;


Features of ROBUS 400/600/1000 HS

A high-speed automation of sliding gates weighting up to 400kg, up to 600kg, and up to 1000kg.

Versions with electromechanical limit switch and with inductive limit switch.

Code RB400 RB600 RB1000
Power supply (Vac 50/60 Hz) 230
Absorption (A) 1.1 2.5 2.3
Power (W) 250 515 450
Speed (m/s) 0.34 0.31 0.28
Force (N) 400 600 900
Work Cycle (cycles/hour) 35 40 50
Protection Level (IP) 44
Working temp. (°C min/max) -20 ÷ +50
Dimensions (mm) 330x195x277h 330x210x303 h
Weight (kg) 8 11 13



ROBUS 400/600/1000 

  • signboard
  • rack zinc coated
  • inductive limit switch
  • rack zinc coated with spacers
  • 2 transmitter 433.92 MHz, 2 channels
  • LED flashing light with integrated aerial
  • pair of photocells for outdoor installation
  • key selector switch for outdoor installation
  • 24V battery with integrated battery charger
  • kit SOLEMYO, the solar power to automate gates
  • smart Wi-fi interface to manage gates and garage doors by smart-phone (*)

*not compatible with the SOLEMYO kit


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